Lost Things

So I recently went out and was wearing my favorite hoop earrings. My mask got stuck on the back of my hoop earring and so I untangled it and didn’t think much of it. Later when I got home much to my surprise, I saw that I was only wearing one earring. I was gutted because I had saved these earrings for years, for a time when I felt confident enough to wear them and they were on trend. Back story but I bought these earrings way back loving the style of them, knowing that in the coming years there would be a time I would wear them and that was this year. They are those dainty medium sized gold hoop earrings that are minimalistic, but add an elevated element to every outfit. I was so sad that I’d waited years to wear them and once I did, I immediately lost them within a month or two of joyously donning them. For me these type of incidents frequently happen with jewelry. Ever since I was a child I’ve been known to lose jewelry from necklaces, to earrings to rings. Sometimes carelessly while taking a shower, sometimes them just falling off or sometimes misplacing them. For others they may have these issues with phones, wallets or keys. Although I’ve never lost any of those my downfall has always been with jewelry. That’s my I refrain myself in investing in jewelry, because as much as I try losing jewelry has been my downfall (although in my defense I haven’t lost jewelry in years, this incident breaking that streak).

Regardless of what you lost, that universal feeling of panic and dread always dawns upon us. Honestly on the grand scale of things, this is such a minor inconvenience. But at the time of realization it feels so unfortunate. I wish there was an invisible tag we could place on these things, however mynute they may be so we can track them if they get lost. That would save us so much time from having to retrace our steps and freaking out upon knowledge of our lost things. But at the end of the day most material items are replaceable, just remember that! As awful as the moment is when you realize you lost something, just think that this feeling is temporary and in a week or two this is something that will be forgotten. Don’t stress, there are ten million things else that are more important to worry about. So what’s the ending to this story? Well if it was 10 year old me I’d be freaking out for weeks on end trying to come up with a tale on how the earrings were lost to mom, avoiding the truth in that I was reckless. But now I’m learning from my mistake in being more mindful when I wear earrings with my mask. I’ve been able to purchase replacement earrings, and as inconvenient as they were to replace (my wallet was not happy), note they were replaceable and life will go on! So if you’ve lost a material item recently, don’t fret, learn from your mistake and move on!

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New Movies and Shows For Fall

I feel like there’s alot of new releases coming out in October, perfect for getting us in the Halloween / fall mood. This is vital, because with the lower temperatures I think I’ll be staying in even more, so I’ll definitely need some entertainment! Below are some shows/movies that I’ve watched recently, as well as new releases I’m waiting for!

  1. Rebecca (Netflix – Oct 21st) – Based on the novel of the same name by Daphne Du Maurier I’m excited to see how this Lily James version compares to the original from Alfred Hitchcock starring Joan Fontaine. This movie incorporates two of my favorite genres for fall, romance and mystery.
  2. Emily in Paris (Netflix – Out Now) – If you want an easy breezy escape this show is binge worthy! Starring Lily Collins as a quirky optimistic American in Paris, it is full of beautiful scenery and swoon worthy outfits.
  3. Haunting of Bly Manor (Netflix – Oct 12th) – Follow-up to Haunting of Hill House (although not sure if it’s a continuation of same plot line), it’s a supernatural thriller.
  4. The Devil All the Time (Netflix – Out Now) – I’ve watched this movie and to be quite honest it’s quite dark but I did finish the whole thing so I guess that says something. It’s a combination of unfortunate events and how they all end up being related.
  5. Ratched (Netflix – Out Now) – I remember reading One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest as part of an assigned reading in high school and despising Nurse Ratched’s character. This story follows her journey prior to meeting the infamous McMurphy. I was a bit disappointed with this series as I was hoping it would help us in understanding why Ratched acted they way she did but it more of conveyed to the audience that she was who she was even prior to meeting McMurphy…
  6. I’m Thinking of Ending Things (Netflix – Out Now) – I would describe this as a slow burning psychological thriller, which *spoiler* ends up being quite sad. It gives you a lot to to think about. But the way the story is delivered keeps you on the edge of your toes. Although this is open to interpretation, my key take away from this movie is to be nice to everyone because you don’t know what internal/external battles they are facing.
  7. Death on the Nile (I believe in theatres – Dec 18th) – Part of the Agatha Christie Series, following Murder on the Orient Express. This story follows Detective Hercule Poirot investigating yet another murder, taking on a cruise ship on the Nile River. Also starring an ensemble cast, similar to it’s predecessor I’m excited to see Gal Gadot star in this mystery!
  8. The Witches (HBO Max – Oct 22nd) – Remake of the movie by the same name starring Angelica Houston as the head witch trying to scheme in order to get rid of all the children, this is definitely a fun one perfect for Halloween! And did I mention Anne Hathaway will playing Houston’s character in the remake??!!
  9. Holidate (Netflix – Oct 28th) – This seems like a light hearted romantic comedy, starring Emma Roberts and the pressures of having a date for holiday events. Something to get us excited for the holidays!
  10. Blythe Spirit (I believe in theatres – Dec 25th) – I actually watched the original version of this remake and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it! The story is about a man who remarries and during a séance, accidently summons the ghost of his dead first wife. The rest of the story follows the hilarious interactions between the first wife, the second wife and the man. Really excited about the casting for this one, it stars Isla Fischer and Leslie Mann.
  11. The Queen’s Gambit (Netflix – Oct 23rd) – Starring Anna Taylor Joy from Emma, this series follows a child chess prodigy and there seems to be an added mystery aspect along the way of madness vs. genius.
  12. Enola Holmes (Netflix – Out Now) – This movie I feel like is made for a slightly younger audience. Although it is still entertaining, the plot line was pretty simple. If you’re a Millie Bobby Brown fan this is worth a one time watch!
  13. Welcome to Blumhouse (Black Box, The Lie, Evil Eye, Nocturne) (Amazon – Starting on Oct 6th )- A series of horror movies, I believe this is probably the scariest movies on the list! The trailers for these movies are intense…

Lots of content to look forward to!

The Evolution of Fridays

I don’t know about you but Fridays for me have seen a huge shift. When I was in school everyone would be super excited for Friday to arrive, we’d all get ready and go out to eat or do something fun with friends! We were all so energetic, it’s like we saved up all our energy for this one night! But things have changed since having a job. I’ll give you an example, this past Friday I ordered takeout for me and my family (spicy chicken sandwiches, which were delicious by the way) and was looking forward to watching the new Enola Holmes movie on Netflix with my sister (it’s our tradition to kick off the weekend with a mystery movie). Sounds great right? Well half way through the movie at around 8pm I fell asleep (the movie wasn’t that boring if I may add) and there went my Friday. If this was a Friday in college, we’d have been getting ready to go out to dinner with friends at 8pm and now I’m instead falling asleep at this time??!!

Don’t get me wrong I still look forward to Fridays because it marks the coming weekend. But unlike college Fridays, I don’t feel more energized instead I feel drained. It’s really disappointing because it’s this half a day that has so much potential, you have Saturday and Sunday to look forward to. Friday evenings can be wasted to be selfish with because, hey there are 2 days that can be used to be productive and do errands. Ever since I started working, I’m still as tired as I would have been on any other week day from work but ever more so on Friday cause it’s the end of the week. It feels like the week’s worth of energy has been sucked out of me on this day. I honestly wish I didn’t because I miss those college days where I had all the energy to plan something fun, but instead I don’t feel that energy anymore. I still find a way to make Fridays fun, ordering takeout or watching a good movie but I definitely end up calling it a night earlier than I would have had I been a school. Obviously going from college to work, things change but this is definitely one of the things I miss the most! Fridays have definitely evolved from them being the highlight of my week when I was in school to this title shifting to Saturday after I’ve started working. I think it’s still safe to say though that we all continue to look forward to Fridays just the same!

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Small Joys to Sip

I feel like my last few posts have been a bit heavy so I thought I’d dedicate this post to something a bit more light hearted. Something I’ve gotten into since the start of quarantine (a simple pleasure of mine you could say) to brighten up my day has been sparkling water. Honestly, I’ve always been a coffee drinker but with the onset of the pandemic I really started limiting my coffee intake because a) I don’t like drinking cold brew on a daily basis (so premade concentrates from grocery stores isn’t my thing) b) I don’t have a coffee machine and c) I wanted to limit the amount of times that I had to physically go in to a coffee shop (especially since I never used to even buy coffee daily even prior to the pandemic). But I wanted something I could just sip on through out the day, something with a bit more flavor then water. I had just started dipping my toes into sparkling water as my office used be stocked up on sparkling water. But I wouldn’t say I was completely addicted yet. When we started doing work from home I really missed having a tea or a coffee during the day so I thought sparkling water would be good compromise since I could buy it packs and boy it is. So below are my favorite flavors and brands ranked that I’ve tried thus far. I want to be completely honest though, I am wary of the fact that these drinks come in metal cans so I have slowly been trying to ween myself from drinking these from once a day to once a week but I 100% still enjoy them!

  1. San Pellegrino – This has been my favorite sparkling water so far but the only down fall to these is that unlike the others on the list, there is added sugar and they are not zero calories. But because of this they also have a stronger but yet still pleasant flavor. My favorite flavor thus far has been the limonita. I would give San Pallegrino #1 for overall taste. P.S. This brand is slightly more expensive compared to others on the list.
  2. La Croix – For me La Croix is #1 overall in terms of having a variety of flavor offerings, being on the healthier side compared to San Pelligrino, but still having a good taste. There’s no added sugar and it’s 0 calories. They have such a variety of flavors but my personal favorites are the passionfruit, tangerine and the pamplemousse (which I believe is a fancy word for grapefruit). The flavor I’ve tried and didn’t like was the razz-cranberry, it was definitely an odd taste not for everyone. I really want to try the limoncello flavor next!!
  3. Waterloo- Waterloo is pretty much on the same page is La Croix with it being 0 calorie, 0 sugar and naturally essenced. The only reason I gave La Croix the edge is because as superficial as it sounds I prefer the look of La Croix’s packaging as it just has less going on, on its can and Waterloo is slightly more pricey than La Croix for no reason I see fit. My favorite flavors from this brand are their black cherry, their mango and watermelon. I would say out of all flavors on this list mango was my favorite!
  4. Bubbly – Bubbly was my least favorite out of all the brands mentioned. Their cans felt noticeably smaller to me and they do add artificial flavors which was very obvious to me (and not in a good way!!) because the flavoring came off too strong. In all honesty, I’ve only ever tried the lime flavor but I’d think this would be a good flavor to try out first since most brands mastered this popular flavor. I don’t think I’ll be trying more from bubbly because I’d rather first try out more flavors from the other three brands. I was really disappointing on this one because quite a few colleagues of mine are bubbly fans, but personally for me I couldn’t get over the artificial flavoring.

But as the months get cooler, I feel like I’ll slowly get back into teas, coffees and hot chocolates so look out for another favorites then! To be honest, it’s the small joys in life that matter because they give you something to look forward to daily! I hope everyone has something that they look forward to everyday, as small as it may be 🙂

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Three Things That Have Calmed My Nerves

I feel like a lot of us are going through a period of stress being couped up at home in the face of all this uncertainty. Sometimes I want to just break into tears because along with our already fragile emotional state due to this pandemic, we also have to deal with our pre-existing causes of stress. So three things that have really helped me since I’ve implemented them during the onset of the pandemic are meditation, journaling and taking walks. I kid you not, but these three basic things have really been resulting in a decrease in my stress. They take time to implement, but once you fall into a routine you’ll feel your tension slowly ease after a particularly rough day.

  1. Mediation- I honestly thought I’d never get into mediation. My mom has been an advocate of mediation for many years now and used to enforce that we did it everyday when we were growing. As I child, I never took it seriously as I honestly couldn’t concentrate on something I thought was such waste of time because in my mind I didn’t see the benefit of thinking about nothing. My mom eventually gave up on enforcing this with me and all was forgotten with regards to this. Then I was introduced to the Calm app and thought I’d give it another try as I’d heard great things about it and was going through a particularly stressful period of time. I’m so happy I did because it’s life changing. You can pick from a range of things to calm your mental state, from 10 minute daily follow along mediation routines, to music curated by popular artists to stories read by celebs. There are various options you can choose from depending on what you think will click with you. Personally I’ve only tried the 10 minute guided meditations but I’m looking forwarded to trying out the storytelling section too. I think what’s changed since I was a kid till now is that I used to think mediation was dumb because you were wasting time thinking about nothing, but now I see it as a time to clear your head not have to worry about anything else that’s on your mind. Obviously once the meditation is over and you come back to reality, it’s not like your stresses automatically disappear but you come back with a renewed sense of purpose with a clear head ready to tackle the issues, that once felt so daunting. Taking a step back truly gives you clarity.

2. Journaling – Journaling is a way to reflect on your thoughts and feelings from the day and let them out on paper. The sense of relief you get by doing this one small activity is mind boggling. I like to think of it as a once sided conversation where you can belt out everything on your mind at once. You get a chance to reflect and be honest on what’s been bothering you or what you are thankful for. This was probably the hardest to fall into a routine with because sometimes you don’t want to be honest about what you’re feeling. But this is truly something you should implement into your regimen because you never feel bad about yourself after journaling, just a sense of relief that you are in tune with your mind and feelings.

3. Walks – Probably the easiest to implement of the three. Never under estimate a good walk. I think we all know the benefits of a good walk by now : it’s good exercise, clears your mind and gives you a change in scenery by being outside with fresh air (although with the fires “fresh” is debatable on the west coast) when we’ve been stuck indoors for so long. We need the Vitamin D from the sun and the outside air really clears our head. I used to be so bad about going on walks but what I’ve found that helps is having someone hold you accountable to go on them. My family and I take daily 30 minute walks around the same time everyday and even if one family member isn’t feeling up to it, we pressure them to come and stick to the routine.

If I’m completely honest, prior to implementing the three things mentioned my stress level was so high that I couldn’t process my thoughts into words fast enough because I had so much going on that I had to juggle. If I was typing messages to friends they would be full of typos and very frazzled and then seeing that would make me feel even more anxious because I am a perfectionist. By clearing my head I’m glad to say that now everything doesn’t feel as much as a rush anymore and I am able to think more clearly now.

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Things to Look Forward to for this Upcoming Season

As I’m writing this, I’m going through my Sunday night scaries so I thought what better way to cheer myself up other than to to think of things to look forward to! I would hands down say Fall is my favorite season of the year! Because it’s the season of anticipation…the season is sprinkled with a few holidays but the anticipation is building for winter break, Christmas (or what ever holiday you may celebrate) and New Years. You’re not at the point of time when all of these have already occurred but are in such a merry mood looking forward to these celebrations and much needed time off with loved ones. Fall itself is like a welcome to the holiday season, full of many of its own holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. So here are a list of things to look forward to for the fall season:

  1. Sweater Weather + Fall Fashion – I feel like fall has the perfect weather! Although it’s been a bit different these past couple of years with summer weather creeping in through early fall, my “optimal” weather time is late Oct/early Nov when its not too chilly, but a cardigan would be preferred. Not to mention I love fall fashion! All the cozy sweaters and snugly robes… I might even be inspired to wear jeans just so that I can wear some of my fall sweaters even if it is just for a grocery run!
  2. Halloween – Halloween holds a special place in my heart! Even though it’s not like I dress up every year, it’s a tradition between my best friend and I since middle school when first started going trick treating together that we do something fun for this holiday! Although we’ve out grown trick or treating, we always have sweets and watch Halloween movies on that day! I’ll have a blog post coming up highlighting my favorite Halloween content but off the top of my head, Hocus Pocus is probably my favorite movie for the holiday! Not to mention my favorite treat other than chocolate are the Pillsbury Halloween cookies. I’m sure you know what I’m taking about, they’re plain sugar cookies with fun Halloween designs like pumpkins, witches or ghosts! There’s just something about them that reminds me of childhood and not to mention, they taste so good!
  3. Thanksgiving – I can’t wait for Thanksgiving!! Full of such good food and some much needed time off to spend with family! My favorite food for this holiday is mashed potatoes and gravy, although I’m still working on my skills in mastering the recipes for this one. Also, though this may be controversial, I feel that this is a fully acceptable time to start listening to holiday music and start watching holiday movies 🙂
  4. Fall Content on TV- THERE IS SO MUCH GOOD FALL CONTENT COMING TO NETFLIX!! Not sure about other streaming services, but I’ve been keeping track of new Netflix releases and there are so many I’m looking forward to that I’ve started compiling a list. I’ll be sharing that list in another blog post!!
  5. Holiday Food – So growing up whenever I thought of holiday food I thought of Costco. Not for a specific holiday, but just for the season as a whole! During this time around Costco always comes out with so many holiday themed treats, from their cookie boxes to there pumpkin pies to their popcornopolis bundles to their huge bags of lindt truffles. My mouth is watering just thinking about this!! I always tend to indulge a bit during the holiday season, as it’s a time for guilty pleasures. Although this year I’m magically hoping I won’t gain as much weight from these tasty treats, as I’ve already packed on some pounds during quarantine.
  6. Cozy Nights In – It makes me so happy thinking about staying in and snuggling up with a warm blanket and reading a thriller or watching holiday a rom-com with a warm cup of tea or hot chocolate…
  7. Fall Drinks – I know everyone is obsessed with PSL but I’m into something a little less strong. I’m seriously looking forward to the Maple Pecan and Chestnut Praline lattes for the season! Also love my hot chocolate, I love the Trader Joe’s one and Ghiradelli’s! One of my friends got me into the hot chocolate stirrers last year and I’m seriously considering buying some for this year as well!
  8. Color Change in the Leaves – I love the fall foliage and warmer tones to the leaves as the weather changes! Seriously looking forward to my bike rides and being able to observe the change in colors of the leaves!
  9. Fall Music – I don’t know why but during the fall time I become extremely obsessed with Taylor Swift and Indie music! I’ll be having Red and Folklore on repeat in the coming months for sure! There’s just something soothing and calming about listening to this type of music during fall.
  10. Black Friday – Shopping galore..do I need to say any more? As per usual I’m sure there will loads of tempting offers. As I said before, I have made a list of items I will be purchasing for Black Friday and will not be shopping for clothes till then, wish me luck!

Obviously this year has been very different compared to others, and with the upcoming flu season ontop of Covid most of us like we’ve already been doing will be spending the majority of our time at home. I’m hoping that with it being fall, being at home all the time won’t feel as bad as it did in the summer where we were all missing our time in the sun. Since, typically prior to Covid alot of us tended to stay in more regardless, during the fall/ winter months. Here’s hoping that some of things mentioned above give you something to look forward to as well!

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Quarantine Has Made Me a Hermit

So recently I stepped out to go to an outdoor mall to pick up some food alone, wearing my mask of course. I hadn’t been out in such a public outdoor space with quite a few people surrounding me since March. The experience was was not a pleasant one. I could feel my face turn up into sour when someone stepped too close to me or if they were walking too slow to my liking. Thank god my facemask was covering up half my face because my face is essentially a canvas for my emotion so without my mask it would have been pretty obvious how I was feeling. I just remember speed walking my way through the mall, annoyed at all the people surrounding me over the smallest things like blocking my way or stopping in the middle of the sidewalk to take a stretch. At that moment I realized I had slowly become a bit hermit-like. See, these actions done by people prior to quarantine would not have bugged me before but now that I’ve spent so much time with myself at home, the smallest inconveniences caused by others has truly become a pain point.

As for the rest of the experience, I rushed through the mall as fast I as I could to get my food and left. I’ll admit part of this reason was obviously due to social distancing but the other half of it was I hadn’t been around this many strangers in while and it was quite a bit uncomfortable. Where to look, what to do with my hands, what do while I’m awkwardly waiting for my food, was anyone watching me? It honestly made me questions if I wanted to order from such a public setting such as an outdoor mall again. This was for obvious reasons because malls aren’t ideal for social distancing but also, I’m ashamed to it say it but because I was uncomfortable seeing so many people again. I know that obviously you should make an effort to minimize contact with others as much as possible. So yes, it makes sense that I was in a hurry to just pick up my food and leave. But what I’m also trying to say is that wasn’t the sole reason I was in a hurry. I felt very self-conscious and as an introvert this has always been something I’ve dealt with. But a mall hand’t bothered me before. Now that I’ve grown accustomed to being in the comfort of my home I’ve slowly forgotten how to adapt to situations where I’m uncomfortable.

Although I’m not saying I’m a recluse, I still hang out with friends in my circle adhering to social distancing guidelines. I will say, I don’t feel totally at ease stepping out alone. I haven’t done it in so long and I’ve gotten too used to interacting with my friends over virtual zoom meetings and the convenience of ordering all my groceries/shopping necessities online to be delivered. Now I am going to have to consciously make an effort, when I do step out even it is to just to grab a bagel or coffee to not have such a bad attitude and not see stepping out of the house as an inconvenience, but more as way of getting back to some normalcy.

Blurry Lines and Making Decisions

I remember as a child, making a decision came to me like intuition. I didn’t questions myself, I knew exactly what I wanted and felt confident about the choices I made. Now in my twenties, I’m at an odd age. An age where I understand the importance of making an informed decision and pondering it over, but also an age where I don’t have enough experience to draw from in making a resolute decision. Personally for me in my 20s, I’ve come to question everything and not always in a good way. As you grow up, there’s this sort of fear instilled in you that makes you afraid of doing the wrong things. Which for me, wasn’t there when I was a child. I feel like this fear slowly disappears as you grow older with experiences you can rely on as guides, resulting in decisions you can make confidently. At last I hope this is the case! But what about the odd in between age of your 20s? When you have the fear but not the experience?

Personally, I miss the age where if your parents asked you what you wanted to eat for dinner, the answer would be a firm McDonalds. But if friends or family were to ask me that same question today, I could deliberate the answer for some time. Should I choose a place I’m craving or should I go with a healthier option? What cuisine am I feeling today? Will I feel good about myself after eating this meal from the chosen restaurant? So many questions. One could say that maybe as a child the reason this deliberation takes less time is because children generally have less options. So is that why it takes me so long to make a decision, because I have less options? We scroll through Netflix for hours because we have so many options, but say we cut our options down by half. That would probably mean less time in deliberating. But that would also mean less variety and we’re a crowd that likes our options. I feel in one way options do contribute to uncertainty but it isn’t the sole reason for it. For me the reason lies in fear which didn’t exist as a child. With all the information we have at our finger tips, we are also acutely aware of the repercussions of our decisions. We are still at an age where we are testing out the waters, so although we are surrounded by information it doesn’t necessarily mean we have the experience to draw upon to determine which is right. It’s our time to take risks and to gain these experiences by making mistakes.

As a cautious person, this concept is hard for me to grapple with. The reason I question so many things, is ultimately because I am afraid to fail. I tend to overthink things to a point where I tend to eventually confuse my self and end up back at square one because I wanted to make an informed decisions. But sometimes the best way to approach things is to just try it out and learn. I’m not saying don’t do your research first, but don’t overdo it. Rely on your intuition as well. This is something I really need to make an effort in instilling.

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Fall Fashion & the Temptation to Buy

Honesty I’m having a love hate relationship with fashion and shopping in general right now. It seems like with all the sales and everyone being at home with their phones and computers 24 x 7 at their disposal right now, the temptation to shop has become even greater than usual. I’m torn, on one hand I justify shopping because these times are stressful and as I am spending less in general (not spending as money on other categories such as travel, gas, activities with friends and eating out) why not treat myself on something that brings small joys. But on the other hand these things are not necessities and I could be saving this money instead, potentially investing it. Plus, where am I seriously going to out in these new clothes, I mean maybe to the grocery but between you and me I’d feel slightly over dressed. To be honest it’s a constant fight inside my mind, seeing IG full of bloggers and sales being advertised on brands that typically weren’t as affordable the temptation is real. So my strategy has been to limit the content I intake on social media advertising fashion (there’s sections on FB and IG where you can opt of seeing ads from brands that you find tempting to look at) & to have balance. I’m not going to completely avoid the joy I get from shopping for clothes but I am going to come up with a game plan by limiting myself to 5 things for both the fall and winter season and purchase them only when they go on sale. Below are the 5 trends I’ve seen and the shops I’m eyeing them at. Also for the remainder of the year I’ll only be shopping during Labor Day and Black Fridays sales as I feel these will be the times I’ll able to get the best deals on the below items.

  1. Cardigan + Tank Matching Sets
  2. Polo Style Everything
  3. Colorful Ribbed Tanks for Layering
  4. Puff Sleeve Garden Dresses for Fall
  5. Black Jeans

I think the key is treat yourself to a few items that bring you joy but to stay strong and limit the purchases you make. Make a list before hand and stick to only getting those items. Don’t casually browse shopping websites, but only go on when you know the items you’ve identified will have a deal. Good luck: )

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Is There Any Guarantee?

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting lately and one thing I’ve been thinking about is education. With the current economic crisis and with so many people being out of jobs, its made me think of whether education truly acts as a protective shield against these times. I naively assumed that by picking a profession, specifically one that many consider in a “secure” industry that I would be protected in these times of uncertainty. Although I’m fortunate enough to say I still have a job, I’ve noticed so many people who’ve popped up on my LinkedIn field with degrees in so called “safe industries” from top tier schools that have masters degrees and have been laid off. So is education still a protective net? Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade my college years for anything. The experiences I had, the friendships I made, and knowledge I gained from attending classes is irreplaceable. But what I do draw into question is taking for granted the fact that just because you have a college degree in a so called safe industry, (for example say in tech) it does not make you immune to the uncertainty that surrounds the job market and other changes.

I’ve realized that more and more is necessary in order to create your safety net, such as coming up with a side hustle, starting your own business, investing or learning new skills. What I see more and more as an emerging pattern in this day and age is that depending solely on your 8-5 job for income is risky. Mitigate this risk by having something on the side you can lean on so as they say, ” you don’t have all your eggs in one basket”. Although there’s an element you can’t control (ex: when lay offs are coming), I think the best way to prepare one self is either to develop additional skills that make you irreplaceable or take things into your hands and develop a second source of income.

Education may once have served as a guarantee for holding a stable job and it may still be, but with the changing times it’s best to have additional sources of income as there are many factors that are not within our control.