Hi there!

white blank notebook

This post is to serve as intro on me. If you haven’t guessed from the title I’m a millennial who’s just about to begin her career in the tech industry. I want this blog to document my  post grad journey to help others out there who are facing the same situation as me or are about to. My situation at hand: starting a new job (which I’m definitely nervous about) + trying to organize my finances to pay off my student debt+ trying to maintain balance and sanity while doing this. Best part about this, I haven’t even started the job yet but I can say I am 100% a planner so I’m already overthinking this. I feel like the period before you start something new is always the most terrifying. This is the point in time when I start to have anxiety and make up scenarios in my head that scare me, which probably won’t even end up happening. In one way I can’t wait for my job to start so I can stop scaring myself over the uncertainties, on the other hand I don’t want my last summer vacation to end. A way I maintain my sanity before I have to start something new is preparation. Next blog post will be about how I’m preparing for my job: investing, financial tracking, looking into company benefits and resources I find helpful in doing so! Don’t worry not all my posts are going to be about adulting!


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