“Summer Bodies are Made in the Winter”

woman girl silhouette jogger

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The title is a bit misleading because it’s currently summer where I live. But you get the point, fitness is something that takes time and needs to be followed routinely! My current routine is running 2 miles + 30 squats with weights + 50 sit-ups with weights from Monday- Thursday. Friday and Saturday are my days off and Sundays are usually Pilates routines which I switch up every so often. Personally, I love running because it’s a great way for me to pop on some music and clear my head. Also, compared to all the other exercises, running gives me the best feeling once I’m done and I feel like I’m getting a full body workout. I only run 4 days a week because I’ve found that my knees begin to hurt if I do more. To summarize what I look for in a daily exercise routine it would be to maximize a full body workout in a short period of time (for me anywhere between 30 -45 min).

Down below, I’m linking some of favorite YouTube videos to watch for my Sunday routines. My favorites are either watching a 30 minute video that gives me a full body workout or combing three 10 minute videos to come with combinations that works out individual parts (arms, abs, legs) of my body that I feel need additional work. All you need for these videos are a mat and weights.

  1. Full body workout
    • FitnessBlender – They have really great full body workouts plus videos to target individual parts of your body. The routines are very doable and the videos are taught by a husband wife team.
    • Caroline Jordan – Caroline incorporates barre into her workouts. She perfectly times the routines, where as soon as you start to feel little burnt out on one side of the body, she switches you over to concentrate on a different side.
    • Amy Davis – Definitely the hardest 10 minute full body workout I’ve ever done! I still can’t get through this one without taking breaks! Amy’s posture throughout this video is immaculate and is definitely goals!
  2. Arms/ Abs
    • Karen Lord – Who could believe you could work out your arms in just 7 minutes!??? But Karen definitely manages to show you how and each time I do this routine my arms are always burning!
    • Popsugar Fitness – This is a really fun workout that’s a bit longer (about 20 minutes)! Anna, the instructor is super energetic and motivational. I also love how she has a person in the back to show you modifications for the routine.
  3. Legs/ Thighs
    • XHit – Really fun workout that doesn’t feel like overkill. You definitely build up a sweat after finishing this one! I find it to be really effective because you can definitely feel the muscles you’re working out as you progress through the routines.

I’m hoping to be able to continue sticking to to this workout routine once I start working, but I’ll update the blog with my post- job workout routine if anything should change!

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