Keeping Up with the News on the Go!

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When you’re on the go it’s hard to always keep up with the news on a daily basis. Sure, you browse through the headlines when you’re online, but sometimes you don’t have the patience to read through the article and fully understand the matter at hand. Below are three of my favorite sources to get a good overview of current news, while making the topics easy to understand for the average reader.

  1. theSkimm – This a free newsletter that is emailed to you on the weekdays and does a good job of making current day to day news topics easy to understand. Their headlines are very humorous!
  2. The Daily – This is a daily podcast by the New York times, which picks one current topic each day and goes through an depth process of understanding that particular headline.
  3. This AM – This is an app by Refinery29 which picks 8 headlines (you view them as slides). By tapping the slide, the app will take you take the respective article with a more in depth explanation of the headline. I really like this app because the news is catered to the millennial, in topics that would be of more interest to us.

Hope you’re having a fun filled and relaxing weekend!!

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