Inspiration Comes in Many Forms- Part 3

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Photo by Omkar Patyane on

Below are some Instagrammers that I really enjoy following! I’ve really become addicted to Instagram stories compared to the overall actual photo feed and the people I mention do not disappoint in this area as well!

  1. Dani Austen – Dani is my favorite! She’s sassy and brutally honest on when she’s feeling good or bad! Her Instagram captions tend to be longer, really going deep into her thoughts on how her day has been, which I love! She’s also a fashion blogger and updates you whenever stores have sales (which is probably not good for my wallet!!).
  2. MicheleBell21 – Michelle basically makes me want to buy all her picks from fashion to lifestyle that she posts on Instagram. She’s great at updating her followers with  bargains and posts links to everything she’s loving. Plus she has one of the cutest toddlers and posts fun stories of her family’s adventures!!
  3. Eva Chen – Eva is hilarious and is brutally honest about her juggling her career in fashion with her family life. She’s definitely a fellow food lover and is unapologetic when she’s eating junk food (which I appreciate!!). She has two super cute toddlers and if you’ve ever had siblings their interactions are completely relatable. I’m definitely more like Ren!
  4. Mimi Ikonn – Mimi is world traveler! Her Instagram is envy worthy with all the scenic pictures of her little family. She shares great inspirational posts and always has a smile on her face! Mimi also documents some of her meals, which are always healthy and look yummy!

Instagram has a rep of making people feel down about themselves, so I try to stick to following people that are uplifting and real about how they’re feeling. Hope this post helps you find more positivity!

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