Is it Fall yet?

autumn autumn leaves blur close up

Photo by Vali S. on

I feel like all of us are experiencing a bit of a heat wave and I personally am sick of summer! I know that some people strongly dislike celebrating the imminent arrival of fall until it officially arrives (my mom for example) but I’m basically ready for my chestnut praline latte once its the end of August/ beginning of September! Fall is my favorite season because there are so many things to look forward to and it marks the beginning of the holiday season (I tend to group fall and winter as one entity): fall Starbucks drinks, sweater weather, fall fashion, Black Friday, the holidays, time off from work, holiday sweets, Hallmark Christmas movies and music (I could go on forever but I’ll spare you the trouble). In all honesty though I feel like fall weather starts later and later each year, which is a bit disappointing but here’s hoping this year will be an exception (probably not though with the way things are going)! Aside from the weather, I pretty much know fall is about to arrive when Micheal’s (a craft store on the west coast, not sure if it’s on the east coast), starts decorating their store for autumn/Halloween! Here’s hoping that fall arrives even earlier than usual because let’s admit it, this heat has been unreal!

P.S. Starbucks announced their Pumpkin Spice Latte is back on August 28th! (Personally this drink is a bit too sweet for me but I know there are a lot of fans out there!!)

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