To Bring Lunch to Work or To Not?

brown pastry with leaves

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There’s always a debate on whether to bring lunch to work or to buy it. In my opinion you’ll figure it out once you start working at the specific company. At a place I interned, all the other interns bought lunch so I ended up doing it as well! At my current company, most people bring lunch from home so I’ve started to do that as well. If you want to network with your colleagues during lunch time, its best to figure out what people on your team/company are doing. If on the other hand you like to eat on your own, (totally understandable if you need to rejuvenate) you do you! Some people use lunch as a a way to network, others use it as a way to refresh their minds/ run errands. It’s up to you and you’ll find your groove! Although I just started working, I feel like I’ll be using lunch to do a mix of the above mentioned things. I’m actually really happy that my colleagues have inspired me to bring lunch from home, since it saves a lot of money! Eating out everyday, plus buying coffee can be expensive! With that being said, I’ve been trying to look up healthy and easy recipes to make and here’s what I found:

  1. Love all of these ideas (I’ll definitely be trying the hummus boxes!!) : damndelicious
  2. For those who like add a little something extra to their lunches, a ton of options to choose from : bonappetit
  3. So many lovely pictures to keep you inspired to cook: eatingwelleatingwell

And for those that still want to bring lunch from home but can’t cook Trader Joe’s is the way to go! My next post is going to be on my favorites from Trader Joe’s!


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