Current Favorite Movies & Shows

I’ve spent so long on the internet looking for shows or movies to watch..sometimes it feels like there’s nothing to watch and other times the options feel so overwhelming, I don’t know where to start. So below I’ve short listed some of my favorite movies and shows I’ve watched starting from quarantine till now (hoping to save you a couple of minutes or umm hours in my case, scavenging the web for options):


  • Shows :
    • Dark -> This a German show but it’s been dubbed in English. It’s so unique in that its a time travel story done so “smartly” with a mystery element that keeps you intrigued on how past, present and future are related. This is a show that definitely makes you think. You have to be paying attention the entire time because even missing the smallest detail can leave you feeling lost later on.
    • Never Have I Ever -> So relatable if you are a first generation American, reminding you of your awkward teen years! The main character is hilarious and definitely steals the show with her confidence, humor and wittiness.
    • The Politician Season 1 + 2 -> Every single one of the characters are so likable on this show and unique with such strong personalities. This show is so creative in that they spotlight politics for a younger generation, making it interesting but also educating you on the inner workings of entering political arena. I would say it’s similar to Knives Out, in that its an over dramatic comedy with an ensemble cast. Also, I have to add the fashion choices on this show are top notch, with each character’s wardrobe reflective of their personality!
    • You Season 1 + 2 >- Definitely a dark show since it’s based on a stalker but Joe, the main character has something about him that makes you want to see the good in him. Definitely worth the watch if you want a scenic NY/LA landscape with an intriguing plot line. Also Joe is essentially Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl, if he were to completely embrace his dark side.
    • Locke and Key ->With Covid happening, sometimes you just want to take an escape into a fantasy land. Enter Locke and Key, full of literal “magic”, mystery and quite an interesting trio of siblings. It’s kind of reminiscent of Stranger Things.
    • On my radar: Imposters -> Comedy with a side of mystery. A female con artist marries various rich people and then deserts them after having robbed them. The comedy part enters when some of the people she’s conned get together and gang up on her to get their money back. The Order -> Not too acquainted with the show other than it deals with magic and the cast is reminiscent of Gossip Girl type characters. That’s enough to make me want to watch the show!
  • Movies:
    • Carrie Pilby -> This has definitely been my favorite movie discovery of all of quarantine. It’s about a 19 year old genius that’s already graduated college (Harvard, may I add) so although intellectually she’s mature, socially not so much. Her blunt honesty and witty sarcasm make her so likable. She’s also very relatable in that she’s navigating the uncertainties of life, such as her romantic endeavors and making friendships. I would also like to add, someone from the Adventures of Narnia makes an appearance in this movie.
    • The Guest -> Made in Spanish but dubbed in English. This is the thriller you’ve been waiting for and it does not disappoint. You know those movies that have such a build up but then let you down at the end??!! Well this is definitely not one of them. It’s so good, I’m just going to tell you to watch it cause I don’t want to give away any details that would spoil the suspense.
    • Tall Girl -> This is one of Netflix’s Orginal rom coms that they are famously known for. I picked this one over many of their others because I think it does a really good job of depicting the awkwardness and insecurities we’ve felt while growing up. Even though the insecurity you might have faced isn’t height related, you still find a way to connect with what the main character is experiencing. Also Jack gives me serious Ducky vibes from Pretty in Pink…
    • Dumplin -> This movie encompasses so many elements, mother-daughter relationships, loss, insecurities, friendship and romance. This is a feel good movie that deals with all the above topics in a way where you feel for all the characters involved and see their progression through out the movie.


  • Shows :
    • Friends -> I’m probably the last one to watch this show but I’m on Season 2 and after multiple failed attempts, I now understand the hype around the show! I think it’s the fact that the show is based on the interactions of the 6 main characters, who have such strong personalities and opinions on each other’s lives. It essentially revolves on each of the character’s reactions to the highs/lows each of these friends are facing.
    • Love Life -> This show was a hidden gem! With Anna Kendrick’s quirky humor and her girl next door persona, each episode follows a different relationship her character, Darby has been in. As the show progresses, you get to also see how Darby has progressed in life and how each relationship has affected her character development.
    • My Brilliant Friend -> I watched this during the beginning of quarantine when I had major travel withdrawals (since the vacations I booked were cancelled). This is a coming of age story between based on the friendship of two girls from a village in Italy. It’s so raw and real sometimes, it makes you feel for the characters. The visuals are beautiful, set in Italy and gives a sense that you’re with the characters enjoying the joys they feel and the pain they suffer.
    • On my radar: Search Party -> I’ve only watched the trailer for this show but it seems intriguing. Elements that stood out to me was quirkiness, mystery and comedy. Honestly, at this point in time it feels like all of us are lost and from the trailer it seems like the characters are on the same boat. As the show progresses it feels like the characters might potentially find themselves through their friendships.
  • Movies:
    • Casablanca – An OG that I think everyone should see! I watched it because I feel like anyone who’s interested in film says this is a must see, plus I’m really into black and white movies. Set in Morocco during WWII, it’s based on a love triangle. Many have debated whether Ingrid Bergman’s character made the right decision at the end of the movie. It’s also received a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes if you don’t believe me!

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  • Shows :
    • On my radar: Homecoming -> I listened to the original podcast when it came out so I’m really interested in seeing the show adaption, especially since it stars Julia Roberts (season 1) and Janelle Monae (season 2). I would describe this as a psychological thriller regarding a suspicious wellness company that supposedly helps veterans overcome trauma. The premise follows the story as to what the company’s motives are.
  • Movies:
    • Knives Out -> Mystery with an ensemble cast! Highlights include watching the entire family bickering with each other, the famous white sweater and the line “CSI KFC”. I would say the reason this mystery stands out is because it’s also has a side of over dramatic comedy.


  • Shows :
    • Bravo – Summer House -> Watching twenty something year olds party it up every weekend of the summer in the Hamptons and all the drama that ensues with living together each weekend. It’s a reality show btw!
    • Starz – Sweetbitter -> Coming of age story in NYC, with a backdrop of what it’s like working in a restaurant. The imagery on food/wine is an added bonus! Also be sure to read the book the adaptation is based on!
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