Working Out From Home

I think we’ve all been gaining a bit of weight being sedentary and working from our desks at hours on end. It’s important to have a workout schedule that gets you moving and relieves tension, especially with everything going on. During this time, virtual workouts have really become common with different gyms and trainers releasing great options to effectively workout from home. Below are a few that are free and require minimal equipment (and definitely give you the same sense accomplishment after a workout as if you were taking the class in person).

  1. Karen Lord -> YouTube
    • If you only have time for a quick workout, but want one that’s effective and hard. I like to do these two workouts (arms + legs) in combination. Karen’s voice is so relaxing and it’s under 30 minute total! And trust me, even if you don’t sweat after (a good thing in my opinion on days you don’t want to wash your hair) the workout you can feel that your muscles have definitely been forced to it give it their all. I’ve been following this routine for about 2 years now.
  2. FitOn -> App
    • This is a free app with tons of classes to choose from! My favorite part about the app is are all the filters you can choose to find a workout you’re in the mood for. Options include, what part of the body you want to target, the instructor, length of the workout and intensity. My personal favorite instructors are Christine (for pilates and sculpt workouts) and Bree (for HIIT and cardio workouts). OMG and both Christine and Bree just had a babies, congrats to them 🙂
  3. Body by Simone -> YouTube
    • So if you ask any of my friends they’ll tell you how terrified I am of dancing in public which is strange because I’ve done dance for 9 years growing up (although it’s a very specific type of dance). I’m just very stiff and feel very self- conscious when doing a dance I’ve never been acclimated to before, especially something like Zumba that’s very fast paced. But virtual workouts have been a life saver for me, cause hey no one is watching! I love Simone’s high energy and her workouts don’t even feel like workouts, they just feel like fun dances and before you know it, in 30 minute you’ve built up a sweat!
  4. PopSugar Fitness -> YouTube
    1. These are probably the most relaxed workouts on this list and you can choose how intense you want to make them. I really like how they have various guest instructors and show options in each video on how to make the workout harder or easier, depending on your preference. They also have lots of workout videos for you to choose from!
  5. Psycle -> IG TV
    1. These are definitely the hardest workouts from all the ones I’ve mentioned on the list. They are 30-45 minutes long and you’re a 100% going to be sweating after one of these workouts. I’ve only done the Pilates workouts and they are very intense. I’ve had to pause the workouts a couple of times just to catch my breath. I typically stream them via my phone or tablet on IG, so it’s very convenient! They post their schedule at the beginning of everyday on their IG, so you can either stream them live or you can wait till they are added on their IG TV. FYI they’re based in the UK so make note of the time difference if you’re going to be joining live!
  6. Bike Rides -> This has been my latest favorite! Listening to music while riding my bike not only gives me a good workout but is also very mood lifting! The breeze feels really good as the weather has begun warming up!

My schedule, on good weeks is working out Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Depending on how my body and my mind is feeling I’ll typically workout 3-4 times a week. To be honest there are weeks where I’ve only worked out once or none at all but it’s because mentally I’m not present while exercising and the workout feels more like an burden. I don’t end up getting a satisfied feeling afterwards, just disappointment that I wasn’t able to give it my all. I have been trying to accept not feeling guilty when I don’t feel up to working out but it’s a work in progress. Obviously if I’m feeling lazy that’s a completely different story but there’s times when you’ve just had a rough day at work and aren’t mentally up to doing an intense workout. Maybe that just means doing a quick stretch that day. Back to my routine, on Sunday’s I usual do more of an intense workout. On the weekdays I do a workout based on how I feel on that specific day. Say Monday, I’m really hyped up I’ll do a HIT or Wednesday if I’m running out of time I’ll stick to something quick. On days when I’m not working out I like to take a quick 20 minute walk just to get some fresh air (which I probably should be doing everyday) and then Saturdays I’ll take a bike ride around the neighborhood. This Saturday ritual has really become something I look forward to. I also know friends that wake up early to go running, whatever works for you! I used to be into running but lately it hasn’t really been my cup of tea! Do what works for you and adapt your workout to how your body is feeling, while picking workouts that get you excited!

P.S. The key for me to get out of a mindset of not wanting to workout is finding a new routine that gets me excited. Which is why I’m always on a constant look out for different workouts and like to change up my routines frequently!

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