My Trader Joe’s Grocery List

Pre-Covid, I frequented Trader Joe’s basically every week, it was my go-to happy place for groceries!! Their employees were always so friendly, they always had amazing new products, the packaging design is so unique (although they could use a little less plastic on their product) and the store just had an overall cheerful atmosphere. If you asked any of my coworkers, they would say I’m a Trader Joe’s aficionado because every Monday I would come stocked up with their latest snacks . My personal favorites from Trader Joe’s are their snacks and frozen food and I find the prices relatively affordable. I think they’re only based in America, so sorry for if you’re based out of the country (hopefully they’ll broaden their locations)!! I haven’t been to a Trader Joe’s since February (as I’ve been ordering groceries mostly online and limiting my in store runs) and am in need of groceries so I thought a quick trip was long overdue (of course with my mask on)! I thought it’d be fun to share new product discoveries I found while doing research online and what’s on my grocery list. Three warnings though. First, I haven’t bought these products yet and most are new products for me as I wanted to try some new things out since I haven’t been to a TJs in a long time. But I have high hopes! Second, I typically go to Trader Joe’s for snacks and frozen items, so please don’t judge for the lack of fruits and veggies because I usually get my fresh produce else where. Third, I’m not planning on buying all these product, just one from each category but I have options listed out in case I can’t find the particular product (hey, I want to be prepared). That being said, here’s the list:

The ones with * are my top choice in the category if there are multiple options

  • Frozen
    • Cauliflower Tot Casserole* -> Always a fan of  cheese and Bechamel Sauce!
    • Steamed Pork and Ginger Soup Dumplings – Big fan of soup dumplings!!
  • Nuts
    • Everything But the Bagel Seasoned Nut Duo* -> I feel ashamed to say I have not yet tried the Everything But the Bagel Seasoning but I hope to change that out by trying out this product!
    • Olive and Herb Mixed Nuts -> This caught my eye because this was the first time I saw olives integrated in a nut mixture.
    • Banana Nuts Trek Mix -> Sweet and savory option!
  • Cheese
    • Brie bites* -> These I have tried before and am a huge fan of!! They are mini sized brie cheese and personally, I love eating them for a light breakfast or as a quick snack!
    • Mexican Blend Cheese – > Tried and true favorite shredded cheese!
  • Salad + Veggie Burgers (Salads alone don’t fill me up so I need to add something a little extra and that’s typically a veggie burger)
    • Udon Noodle Salad -Perfect quick lunch option!
    • Peanut Crispy Noodle Salad Kit* -> The salad dressing on this one is delicious and the crunch from the noodles tops it off!
    • Dr. Praeger’s Classic Veggie Burgers -> My favorite veggie burgers I’ve ever tried!
  • Tortilla Chips + Dip OR Pita + Hummus
    • Queso Fondido Cheese* -> New discovery! I’m excited to try this cause its spicy, has soy chorizo and poblano peppers!
    • Organic Buffalo Style Hummus -> I feel like I’ve heard so many good things about this hummus!
  • Dark Chocolate
    • Not sure whether to go for one of their dark chocolate bars or their dark chocolate peanut butter cups (decisions, decisions)!!
  • Dessert
    • Lemon Chess Pie -> Lemon custard and shortbread, such a fun summer dessert!
    • These Sprinkles Walk into a Sandwich Cookie* -> Their butter cookies with a buttercream filling and the sprinkles are plant based. Probably the number one new thing I’m excited to try! It’s basically b-day cake in cookie form!
    • Raspberry and White Chocolate Bundt Cake – One of my favorite dessert flavor combos!
  • Bread
    • Cheddar Garlic Focaccia Bread – I’m tired of the same old bread and thought this was a fun option to try out!
  • Savory Snack
    • Synergistically Flavored Popcorn – This is basically a party of flavors! It contains salty, smoky, tangy and spicy seasoned popcorn.
    • Scalloped Potato Chips* – I’m a huge fan of cheese so of course I have to try these! These chips contain parmesan, cheddar, asiago, romano, and provolone cheese.
  • Ketchup with Truffle -> I’ve tried this at restaurants so I’m interested to see how the TJ’s version compares.
  • Rice Mix
    •  Chickpea and Red Lentil Rosoni – Since I eat rice alot, I thought this would be a healthy alternative to try out!
  • Soup
    • Corn Poblano Chowder – One of my favorites soups, interested to see how the Tj’s version compares.
  • Pasta Sauce
    • Limone Alfredo Sauce -> Always a fan of things lemon and love alfredo sauce so excited to try this out!
  • Drinks
    • Ginger shot -> We could all use a boost for our immune system!
    • Sparkling Green Tea* -> Sounds so good for a hot day and a fun alternative to my go-to sparkling waters!
  • Breakfast
    • Pancake Bread -> I’ve tried this before and it’s like a pancake in cake form, sooo yummy to slice up for breakfast if you have a sweet tooth in the morning!
    • Frozen Acai Bowl* – Includes berries, granola and coconut chips, the perfect breakfast option for the summer!

Honorary item, Springle Jangle – essentially the spring/summer version of TJ’s famous holiday Jingle Jangle. It’s a mix of various TJ’s famous chocolate treats. Definitely not buying this, as I don’t need more sweets but if you’re on the hunt this is a good recommendation! Also planning on getting some fresh flowers as they have relatively affordable options!

I hope you found some items that you’re excited to try!

P.S. If you’re a fan of TJ’s you should definitely follow Traderjoeslist on Instagram to keep up with their latest releases!

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