Something I’m Loving : DailySkimm’

A resource I’ve loved for the past couple of years, but especially during these times is the DailySkimm. If you haven’t heard of it already, it’s a daily newsletter that is delivered to your email every weekday. What I love about this newsletter is that it highlights the daily news and breaks it down in a way where you are informed of the situation and can actually make sense of the details. I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but right now I feel so overwhelmed with all the news coming in from different directions. From social media, to the internet to TV I feel like I’m bombarded with news everywhere. Although I think it’s very important to be informed of the daily news, I find it sometimes to be taxing to view it constantly. I feel less mentally stressed when I take in the news at scheduled times. I feel like the Skimm is the perfect solution for this! It’s completely free, all you have to do is provide your email address and it pops up in your inbox every morning! Also they have another newsletter that’s delivered to your email once a week called Skimm’Picks where they make a fun list of things they are loving, it’s definitely a Monday pick me up!

I just wanted to share this resource as it’s really helped my mental sanity during Covid to stay informed, but not overwhelmed. I hope it helps others too!

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