Change is Constant

Honestly I’ve always heard the term change is constant but what didn’t register with me is how frequent it would be as we age. I don’t know if with age we just become more aware of it, but in my head I was like “yah when change happens I’ll definitely be able to cope” but lately it feels like we’ve been on a roller coaster of never- ending changes and some not always good. From jobs to relationships to moods it’s astonishing how things can be in one place at a point of time and right when you’re getting into the swing of things, you’re thrown a curve ball. I know that change is natural and its something we have to adapt to but truth is change is tough to deal with some times.

I would say I have a very type A personality where I like things to be very scheduled and orderly so I know what to expect. But when change is thrown my way, my initial reaction is not always positive especially when it disturbs my routine and I don’t always agree with it. One thing to remember though is that time heals and with it we are able to adapt and cope. It forces us outside of our comfort zones and gives us a challenge to explore, which though it may be uncomfortable at first is something we need to get used to. And hey, change adds spice to our life! Without it, it would be very boring, no matter how difficult it is to adapt to it first. I feel like due to social distancing and quarantining I’ve had alot of time to do some introspection regarding myself and how I deal with change. As much as I would like to say I love change, the honest truth is it takes time to get used to and forces you to review what works and what doesn’t along with improvements that can be made. I’d like to think of change as iterations in creating the best end product and it’s easy to feel this way when you’re passionate and are the one driving this change or vision for improvement. It gets more tricky when you’re too comfortable where you are or don’t like the end results/ the path to this change. But I guess what I’m trying to communicate is that change is natural and it might not come easy but the fight becomes more easy when you’re open to it and think with a positive mind set instead of rebelling against it. Understand what the end goals are and how it can make you successful (whatever you define success as).

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P.S. Three things I’m loving :

  1. The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides -> Such a good thriller because I in no way saw the ending coming!
  2. Folklore by Taylor Swift -> So calming and relaxing!
  3. Unorthodox on Netflix -> It’s based off of a women’s journey as she leaves her Orthodox Jewish community in order to find herself. The lead actress Shira Haas does an amazing job of making you feel the emotions of the character she’s playing on screen. Honestly I was amazed at the courage Etsy has in leaving the only community she’s known all her life in order to find herself and Shira does an amazing job in portraying the vulnerability of the character.

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