Living on the Edge

I like to think of myself as a risk averse person that sometimes take a few calculated risks from time to time (does this even count ??!!). I don’t know if you’d consider this being smart with your choices or being dumb for not trying out more. But I’ve decided to live on the edge (at least for me) and take a risky by…. using my phone without a phone case. This may be laughable to some people but to friends and family who know me this is a big step. I don’t have Apple insurance so if something were to happen to the phone (I don’t even want to think about this scenario) then I’d be on my own in getting it fixed. For me the risk plays in that a) it’s really expensive b) I’d be lost without the phone since I’m glued to it c) I’d feel very guilty if anything were to happen to it. But everyday I’ve had this phone I have always dreamed about how sleek and slim it’d look without it’s case. Personally, I’ve always been a little jealous of those people who’d roam around with their phone without the case, thinking that they’re either very careful or have insurance for it or they just want to live carefree. Well today is the day I’m going to try testing it out myself. I mean what is the point of Apple making our phones slimmer with each model when we have to encase this item in thick shell regardless?? I mean I’m not dumb, I know why we have cases but this is just something I’ve wanted to try out for a long time so I’m going to just do it. If I’m being completely honest this step was calculated, since I’m work from home and not going out much the chances I drop the phone on a hard floor are less since I live in a carpeted place. So if I were to define it, taking a risk can range anywhere from going out on a whim or doing something calculated but going outside your comfort zone. I guess to make my point, try doing something you’ve always wanted to do and live on the edge…even if it’s something as small as what I’m doing, by going caseless.

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