Things to Look Forward to for this Upcoming Season

As I’m writing this, I’m going through my Sunday night scaries so I thought what better way to cheer myself up other than to to think of things to look forward to! I would hands down say Fall is my favorite season of the year! Because it’s the season of anticipation…the season is sprinkled with a few holidays but the anticipation is building for winter break, Christmas (or what ever holiday you may celebrate) and New Years. You’re not at the point of time when all of these have already occurred but are in such a merry mood looking forward to these celebrations and much needed time off with loved ones. Fall itself is like a welcome to the holiday season, full of many of its own holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. So here are a list of things to look forward to for the fall season:

  1. Sweater Weather + Fall Fashion – I feel like fall has the perfect weather! Although it’s been a bit different these past couple of years with summer weather creeping in through early fall, my “optimal” weather time is late Oct/early Nov when its not too chilly, but a cardigan would be preferred. Not to mention I love fall fashion! All the cozy sweaters and snugly robes… I might even be inspired to wear jeans just so that I can wear some of my fall sweaters even if it is just for a grocery run!
  2. Halloween – Halloween holds a special place in my heart! Even though it’s not like I dress up every year, it’s a tradition between my best friend and I since middle school when first started going trick treating together that we do something fun for this holiday! Although we’ve out grown trick or treating, we always have sweets and watch Halloween movies on that day! I’ll have a blog post coming up highlighting my favorite Halloween content but off the top of my head, Hocus Pocus is probably my favorite movie for the holiday! Not to mention my favorite treat other than chocolate are the Pillsbury Halloween cookies. I’m sure you know what I’m taking about, they’re plain sugar cookies with fun Halloween designs like pumpkins, witches or ghosts! There’s just something about them that reminds me of childhood and not to mention, they taste so good!
  3. Thanksgiving – I can’t wait for Thanksgiving!! Full of such good food and some much needed time off to spend with family! My favorite food for this holiday is mashed potatoes and gravy, although I’m still working on my skills in mastering the recipes for this one. Also, though this may be controversial, I feel that this is a fully acceptable time to start listening to holiday music and start watching holiday movies 🙂
  4. Fall Content on TV- THERE IS SO MUCH GOOD FALL CONTENT COMING TO NETFLIX!! Not sure about other streaming services, but I’ve been keeping track of new Netflix releases and there are so many I’m looking forward to that I’ve started compiling a list. I’ll be sharing that list in another blog post!!
  5. Holiday Food – So growing up whenever I thought of holiday food I thought of Costco. Not for a specific holiday, but just for the season as a whole! During this time around Costco always comes out with so many holiday themed treats, from their cookie boxes to there pumpkin pies to their popcornopolis bundles to their huge bags of lindt truffles. My mouth is watering just thinking about this!! I always tend to indulge a bit during the holiday season, as it’s a time for guilty pleasures. Although this year I’m magically hoping I won’t gain as much weight from these tasty treats, as I’ve already packed on some pounds during quarantine.
  6. Cozy Nights In – It makes me so happy thinking about staying in and snuggling up with a warm blanket and reading a thriller or watching holiday a rom-com with a warm cup of tea or hot chocolate…
  7. Fall Drinks – I know everyone is obsessed with PSL but I’m into something a little less strong. I’m seriously looking forward to the Maple Pecan and Chestnut Praline lattes for the season! Also love my hot chocolate, I love the Trader Joe’s one and Ghiradelli’s! One of my friends got me into the hot chocolate stirrers last year and I’m seriously considering buying some for this year as well!
  8. Color Change in the Leaves – I love the fall foliage and warmer tones to the leaves as the weather changes! Seriously looking forward to my bike rides and being able to observe the change in colors of the leaves!
  9. Fall Music – I don’t know why but during the fall time I become extremely obsessed with Taylor Swift and Indie music! I’ll be having Red and Folklore on repeat in the coming months for sure! There’s just something soothing and calming about listening to this type of music during fall.
  10. Black Friday – Shopping I need to say any more? As per usual I’m sure there will loads of tempting offers. As I said before, I have made a list of items I will be purchasing for Black Friday and will not be shopping for clothes till then, wish me luck!

Obviously this year has been very different compared to others, and with the upcoming flu season ontop of Covid most of us like we’ve already been doing will be spending the majority of our time at home. I’m hoping that with it being fall, being at home all the time won’t feel as bad as it did in the summer where we were all missing our time in the sun. Since, typically prior to Covid alot of us tended to stay in more regardless, during the fall/ winter months. Here’s hoping that some of things mentioned above give you something to look forward to as well!

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