Small Joys to Sip

I feel like my last few posts have been a bit heavy so I thought I’d dedicate this post to something a bit more light hearted. Something I’ve gotten into since the start of quarantine (a simple pleasure of mine you could say) to brighten up my day has been sparkling water. Honestly, I’ve always been a coffee drinker but with the onset of the pandemic I really started limiting my coffee intake because a) I don’t like drinking cold brew on a daily basis (so premade concentrates from grocery stores isn’t my thing) b) I don’t have a coffee machine and c) I wanted to limit the amount of times that I had to physically go in to a coffee shop (especially since I never used to even buy coffee daily even prior to the pandemic). But I wanted something I could just sip on through out the day, something with a bit more flavor then water. I had just started dipping my toes into sparkling water as my office used be stocked up on sparkling water. But I wouldn’t say I was completely addicted yet. When we started doing work from home I really missed having a tea or a coffee during the day so I thought sparkling water would be good compromise since I could buy it packs and boy it is. So below are my favorite flavors and brands ranked that I’ve tried thus far. I want to be completely honest though, I am wary of the fact that these drinks come in metal cans so I have slowly been trying to ween myself from drinking these from once a day to once a week but I 100% still enjoy them!

  1. San Pellegrino – This has been my favorite sparkling water so far but the only down fall to these is that unlike the others on the list, there is added sugar and they are not zero calories. But because of this they also have a stronger but yet still pleasant flavor. My favorite flavor thus far has been the limonita. I would give San Pallegrino #1 for overall taste. P.S. This brand is slightly more expensive compared to others on the list.
  2. La Croix – For me La Croix is #1 overall in terms of having a variety of flavor offerings, being on the healthier side compared to San Pelligrino, but still having a good taste. There’s no added sugar and it’s 0 calories. They have such a variety of flavors but my personal favorites are the passionfruit, tangerine and the pamplemousse (which I believe is a fancy word for grapefruit). The flavor I’ve tried and didn’t like was the razz-cranberry, it was definitely an odd taste not for everyone. I really want to try the limoncello flavor next!!
  3. Waterloo- Waterloo is pretty much on the same page is La Croix with it being 0 calorie, 0 sugar and naturally essenced. The only reason I gave La Croix the edge is because as superficial as it sounds I prefer the look of La Croix’s packaging as it just has less going on, on its can and Waterloo is slightly more pricey than La Croix for no reason I see fit. My favorite flavors from this brand are their black cherry, their mango and watermelon. I would say out of all flavors on this list mango was my favorite!
  4. Bubbly – Bubbly was my least favorite out of all the brands mentioned. Their cans felt noticeably smaller to me and they do add artificial flavors which was very obvious to me (and not in a good way!!) because the flavoring came off too strong. In all honesty, I’ve only ever tried the lime flavor but I’d think this would be a good flavor to try out first since most brands mastered this popular flavor. I don’t think I’ll be trying more from bubbly because I’d rather first try out more flavors from the other three brands. I was really disappointing on this one because quite a few colleagues of mine are bubbly fans, but personally for me I couldn’t get over the artificial flavoring.

But as the months get cooler, I feel like I’ll slowly get back into teas, coffees and hot chocolates so look out for another favorites then! To be honest, it’s the small joys in life that matter because they give you something to look forward to daily! I hope everyone has something that they look forward to everyday, as small as it may be 🙂

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