Lost Things

So I recently went out and was wearing my favorite hoop earrings. My mask got stuck on the back of my hoop earring and so I untangled it and didn’t think much of it. Later when I got home much to my surprise, I saw that I was only wearing one earring. I was gutted because I had saved these earrings for years, for a time when I felt confident enough to wear them and they were on trend. Back story but I bought these earrings way back loving the style of them, knowing that in the coming years there would be a time I would wear them and that was this year. They are those dainty medium sized gold hoop earrings that are minimalistic, but add an elevated element to every outfit. I was so sad that I’d waited years to wear them and once I did, I immediately lost them within a month or two of joyously donning them. For me these type of incidents frequently happen with jewelry. Ever since I was a child I’ve been known to lose jewelry from necklaces, to earrings to rings. Sometimes carelessly while taking a shower, sometimes them just falling off or sometimes misplacing them. For others they may have these issues with phones, wallets or keys. Although I’ve never lost any of those my downfall has always been with jewelry. That’s my I refrain myself in investing in jewelry, because as much as I try losing jewelry has been my downfall (although in my defense I haven’t lost jewelry in years, this incident breaking that streak).

Regardless of what you lost, that universal feeling of panic and dread always dawns upon us. Honestly on the grand scale of things, this is such a minor inconvenience. But at the time of realization it feels so unfortunate. I wish there was an invisible tag we could place on these things, however mynute they may be so we can track them if they get lost. That would save us so much time from having to retrace our steps and freaking out upon knowledge of our lost things. But at the end of the day most material items are replaceable, just remember that! As awful as the moment is when you realize you lost something, just think that this feeling is temporary and in a week or two this is something that will be forgotten. Don’t stress, there are ten million things else that are more important to worry about. So what’s the ending to this story? Well if it was 10 year old me I’d be freaking out for weeks on end trying to come up with a tale on how the earrings were lost to mom, avoiding the truth in that I was reckless. But now I’m learning from my mistake in being more mindful when I wear earrings with my mask. I’ve been able to purchase replacement earrings, and as inconvenient as they were to replace (my wallet was not happy), note they were replaceable and life will go on! So if you’ve lost a material item recently, don’t fret, learn from your mistake and move on!

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

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