Inspiration Comes in Many Forms – Part 2

four brown straw hats display

Photo by Artem Bali on

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday, we’re almost close to the end of the week! Below are some of my favorite fashion bloggers! It’s interesting because all the fashion bloggers I follow have completely different styles compared to me! I think that might be one of the reason I like them so much, they inspire me to go outside of my comfort zone! Also, I just realized that pretty much all four of the bloggers listed below have completely different styles, so you’ll be sure to find someone whose fashion sense you like!

  1. Atlantic Pacific (NYC) – Blair has a completely eclectic style! She usually wears a mixture of prints with lots of color and a classic touch! Blair lives in New York so her photos always have a picturesque background of the city! Also something I find unique about her is that she keeps her blog posts minimal in terms of descriptions, which I find refreshing because sometimes I just want to scroll through the pictures without having to read a lot (lazy me but I have those days!!).
  2. Sea of Shoes (Texas) – Jane’s blog is definitely vintage inspired! She always manages to have a designer vintage piece incorporated into her outfits that makes the look unique. Her collage edits are some of my favorites and always remind me of Parisian chic!
  3. Gal Meets Glam (South Carolina) – Julia’s outfits are centered around feminine minimalism. She’s always traveling and some how manages to incorporate the style of the country she visits. She has her own fashion collection, which is sold at Nordstrom so it’s definitely worth a look (but a little too outside of my price range)!!
  4. Harper and Harley (Australia) – Sarah is the epitome of minimalism. Her wardrobe consists of those timeless pieces that can be mixed and matched to create tons of looks. Sarah displays looks that will basically never go out of style and somehow manages to adapt trends to her style!

Hoping you found something that inspires you, have a lovely day!