The Evolution of Fridays

I don’t know about you but Fridays for me have seen a huge shift. When I was in school everyone would be super excited for Friday to arrive, we’d all get ready and go out to eat or do something fun with friends! We were all so energetic, it’s like we saved up all our energy for this one night! But things have changed since having a job. I’ll give you an example, this past Friday I ordered takeout for me and my family (spicy chicken sandwiches, which were delicious by the way) and was looking forward to watching the new Enola Holmes movie on Netflix with my sister (it’s our tradition to kick off the weekend with a mystery movie). Sounds great right? Well half way through the movie at around 8pm I fell asleep (the movie wasn’t that boring if I may add) and there went my Friday. If this was a Friday in college, we’d have been getting ready to go out to dinner with friends at 8pm and now I’m instead falling asleep at this time??!!

Don’t get me wrong I still look forward to Fridays because it marks the coming weekend. But unlike college Fridays, I don’t feel more energized instead I feel drained. It’s really disappointing because it’s this half a day that has so much potential, you have Saturday and Sunday to look forward to. Friday evenings can be wasted to be selfish with because, hey there are 2 days that can be used to be productive and do errands. Ever since I started working, I’m still as tired as I would have been on any other week day from work but ever more so on Friday cause it’s the end of the week. It feels like the week’s worth of energy has been sucked out of me on this day. I honestly wish I didn’t because I miss those college days where I had all the energy to plan something fun, but instead I don’t feel that energy anymore. I still find a way to make Fridays fun, ordering takeout or watching a good movie but I definitely end up calling it a night earlier than I would have had I been a school. Obviously going from college to work, things change but this is definitely one of the things I miss the most! Fridays have definitely evolved from them being the highlight of my week when I was in school to this title shifting to Saturday after I’ve started working. I think it’s still safe to say though that we all continue to look forward to Fridays just the same!

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Is There Any Guarantee?

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting lately and one thing I’ve been thinking about is education. With the current economic crisis and with so many people being out of jobs, its made me think of whether education truly acts as a protective shield against these times. I naively assumed that by picking a profession, specifically one that many consider in a “secure” industry that I would be protected in these times of uncertainty. Although I’m fortunate enough to say I still have a job, I’ve noticed so many people who’ve popped up on my LinkedIn field with degrees in so called “safe industries” from top tier schools that have masters degrees and have been laid off. So is education still a protective net? Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade my college years for anything. The experiences I had, the friendships I made, and knowledge I gained from attending classes is irreplaceable. But what I do draw into question is taking for granted the fact that just because you have a college degree in a so called safe industry, (for example say in tech) it does not make you immune to the uncertainty that surrounds the job market and other changes.

I’ve realized that more and more is necessary in order to create your safety net, such as coming up with a side hustle, starting your own business, investing or learning new skills. What I see more and more as an emerging pattern in this day and age is that depending solely on your 8-5 job for income is risky. Mitigate this risk by having something on the side you can lean on so as they say, ” you don’t have all your eggs in one basket”. Although there’s an element you can’t control (ex: when lay offs are coming), I think the best way to prepare one self is either to develop additional skills that make you irreplaceable or take things into your hands and develop a second source of income.

Education may once have served as a guarantee for holding a stable job and it may still be, but with the changing times it’s best to have additional sources of income as there are many factors that are not within our control.