Blurry Lines and Making Decisions

I remember as a child, making a decision came to me like intuition. I didn’t questions myself, I knew exactly what I wanted and felt confident about the choices I made. Now in my twenties, I’m at an odd age. An age where I understand the importance of making an informed decision and pondering it over, but also an age where I don’t have enough experience to draw from in making a resolute decision. Personally for me in my 20s, I’ve come to question everything and not always in a good way. As you grow up, there’s this sort of fear instilled in you that makes you afraid of doing the wrong things. Which for me, wasn’t there when I was a child. I feel like this fear slowly disappears as you grow older with experiences you can rely on as guides, resulting in decisions you can make confidently. At last I hope this is the case! But what about the odd in between age of your 20s? When you have the fear but not the experience?

Personally, I miss the age where if your parents asked you what you wanted to eat for dinner, the answer would be a firm McDonalds. But if friends or family were to ask me that same question today, I could deliberate the answer for some time. Should I choose a place I’m craving or should I go with a healthier option? What cuisine am I feeling today? Will I feel good about myself after eating this meal from the chosen restaurant? So many questions. One could say that maybe as a child the reason this deliberation takes less time is because children generally have less options. So is that why it takes me so long to make a decision, because I have less options? We scroll through Netflix for hours because we have so many options, but say we cut our options down by half. That would probably mean less time in deliberating. But that would also mean less variety and we’re a crowd that likes our options. I feel in one way options do contribute to uncertainty but it isn’t the sole reason for it. For me the reason lies in fear which didn’t exist as a child. With all the information we have at our finger tips, we are also acutely aware of the repercussions of our decisions. We are still at an age where we are testing out the waters, so although we are surrounded by information it doesn’t necessarily mean we have the experience to draw upon to determine which is right. It’s our time to take risks and to gain these experiences by making mistakes.

As a cautious person, this concept is hard for me to grapple with. The reason I question so many things, is ultimately because I am afraid to fail. I tend to overthink things to a point where I tend to eventually confuse my self and end up back at square one because I wanted to make an informed decisions. But sometimes the best way to approach things is to just try it out and learn. I’m not saying don’t do your research first, but don’t overdo it. Rely on your intuition as well. This is something I really need to make an effort in instilling.

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Inspiration Comes in Many Forms- Part 3

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Below are some Instagrammers that I really enjoy following! I’ve really become addicted to Instagram stories compared to the overall actual photo feed and the people I mention do not disappoint in this area as well!

  1. Dani Austen – Dani is my favorite! She’s sassy and brutally honest on when she’s feeling good or bad! Her Instagram captions tend to be longer, really going deep into her thoughts on how her day has been, which I love! She’s also a fashion blogger and updates you whenever stores have sales (which is probably not good for my wallet!!).
  2. MicheleBell21 – Michelle basically makes me want to buy all her picks from fashion to lifestyle that she posts on Instagram. She’s great at updating her followers with  bargains and posts links to everything she’s loving. Plus she has one of the cutest toddlers and posts fun stories of her family’s adventures!!
  3. Eva Chen – Eva is hilarious and is brutally honest about her juggling her career in fashion with her family life. She’s definitely a fellow food lover and is unapologetic when she’s eating junk food (which I appreciate!!). She has two super cute toddlers and if you’ve ever had siblings their interactions are completely relatable. I’m definitely more like Ren!
  4. Mimi Ikonn – Mimi is world traveler! Her Instagram is envy worthy with all the scenic pictures of her little family. She shares great inspirational posts and always has a smile on her face! Mimi also documents some of her meals, which are always healthy and look yummy!

Instagram has a rep of making people feel down about themselves, so I try to stick to following people that are uplifting and real about how they’re feeling. Hope this post helps you find more positivity!

Sundays are Hard….

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I love Fridays and Saturdays because you know you still have time before the work week begins, but Sundays almost feel a bit cruel. I don’t know about you, but I start to get anxious mid-Sunday about all the things left to do before the new week starts. Not to mention that annoying voice inside your head telling you that you have a full week ahead and should get to bed early. I don’t want to sound like a pessimist, I am appreciative of my Sundays but half way through it doesn’t feel like a part of my weekend. Instead it feels like some sort of weird transition period before the beginning of the next work week. It’s comical how I can write so much about my Sunday feels, but I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling this way! The thing that keeps me going on Sundays is knowing that the weekend will be here again before I know it! Somethings that help me are: updating my music playlists, changing up my phone/computer wallpaper, picking out my outfit for the next day, meal prepping and getting my work bag ready. I would love to know if anyone has a Sunday night routine that helps them get over this feeling. Since this post has been a little dreary, here’s a tidbit to cheer you up: Bath and Body Works has their fall collection out! I’m probably late to the bandwagon on knowing this but I’m team lets start celebrating fall ASAP so this brightened my day!

Keeping Up with the News on the Go!

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When you’re on the go it’s hard to always keep up with the news on a daily basis. Sure, you browse through the headlines when you’re online, but sometimes you don’t have the patience to read through the article and fully understand the matter at hand. Below are three of my favorite sources to get a good overview of current news, while making the topics easy to understand for the average reader.

  1. theSkimm – This a free newsletter that is emailed to you on the weekdays and does a good job of making current day to day news topics easy to understand. Their headlines are very humorous!
  2. The Daily – This is a daily podcast by the New York times, which picks one current topic each day and goes through an depth process of understanding that particular headline.
  3. This AM – This is an app by Refinery29 which picks 8 headlines (you view them as slides). By tapping the slide, the app will take you take the respective article with a more in depth explanation of the headline. I really like this app because the news is catered to the millennial, in topics that would be of more interest to us.

Hope you’re having a fun filled and relaxing weekend!!

Inspiration Comes in Many Forms – Part 2

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Hope everyone is having a great Thursday, we’re almost close to the end of the week! Below are some of my favorite fashion bloggers! It’s interesting because all the fashion bloggers I follow have completely different styles compared to me! I think that might be one of the reason I like them so much, they inspire me to go outside of my comfort zone! Also, I just realized that pretty much all four of the bloggers listed below have completely different styles, so you’ll be sure to find someone whose fashion sense you like!

  1. Atlantic Pacific (NYC) – Blair has a completely eclectic style! She usually wears a mixture of prints with lots of color and a classic touch! Blair lives in New York so her photos always have a picturesque background of the city! Also something I find unique about her is that she keeps her blog posts minimal in terms of descriptions, which I find refreshing because sometimes I just want to scroll through the pictures without having to read a lot (lazy me but I have those days!!).
  2. Sea of Shoes (Texas) – Jane’s blog is definitely vintage inspired! She always manages to have a designer vintage piece incorporated into her outfits that makes the look unique. Her collage edits are some of my favorites and always remind me of Parisian chic!
  3. Gal Meets Glam (South Carolina) – Julia’s outfits are centered around feminine minimalism. She’s always traveling and some how manages to incorporate the style of the country she visits. She has her own fashion collection, which is sold at Nordstrom so it’s definitely worth a look (but a little too outside of my price range)!!
  4. Harper and Harley (Australia) – Sarah is the epitome of minimalism. Her wardrobe consists of those timeless pieces that can be mixed and matched to create tons of looks. Sarah displays looks that will basically never go out of style and somehow manages to adapt trends to her style!

Hoping you found something that inspires you, have a lovely day!

Inspiration Comes in Many Forms – Part 1


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In this day an age social media has really come to be associated with negativity but it can also serve as inspiration if used in the right way. This is going to be a three part series. In this post, I’m going to be covering YouTubers, then bloggers and lastly Instagrammers that have really inspired me to be the best version of myself or have just inspired me through their taste/fashion sense. I’ve found that some of my favorites document when they’re having a hard day, which in my opinion takes a lot of guts to do. This truly makes them feel more relatable to me because I find that a lot of the negativity surrounding social media is due to people only documenting the happy times in their life, which I know I’m definitely guilty of!

  1. Danielle Carolan – You can’t help but feel more positive after watching one of Danielle’s videos! She’s a go getter and basically always has something to do to keep her busy. She always finds ways to make her day brighter, either by creating a cozy environment, making coffee or grabbing clothes that make her confident. She’s a college student with amazing vlogs, hauls and inspirational videos!
  2. Tar Mar – Love her style and the fact that she indulges in coffee! Tara is always honest and her personality really shows on camera. She’s an Irish girl living in NYC with her boyfriend and has some amazing vlogs that make you want to move to NYC and be her best friend.
  3. Michelle Reed – Definitely a hustler who gives you inspiration to work out, eat healthy and get things done. She has amazing style and great budgeting tips. She’s graduating a year early from school in NYC which is so amazing and quite a feat!
  4. Mademoiselle– Really great inspiration on building that minimalist wardrobe and very much appreciate that she tries most of the pieces she mentions on! Also, YouTubers sometimes mention things in their videos but forget to link it; Jamie always links everything that she mentions which I love!
  5. Sharewear – SF working girl in the tech scene who loves fashion and has an eclectic taste! She’s great to watch if you want to stay up to date on trendy styles and brands for the millennial.

Hope you have a lovely day and find some inspiration!

P.S. The countdown to my first official day of work has begun!