Fall Fashion & the Temptation to Buy

Honesty I’m having a love hate relationship with fashion and shopping in general right now. It seems like with all the sales and everyone being at home with their phones and computers 24 x 7 at their disposal right now, the temptation to shop has become even greater than usual. I’m torn, on one hand I justify shopping because these times are stressful and as I am spending less in general (not spending as money on other categories such as travel, gas, activities with friends and eating out) why not treat myself on something that brings small joys. But on the other hand these things are not necessities and I could be saving this money instead, potentially investing it. Plus, where am I seriously going to out in these new clothes, I mean maybe to the grocery but between you and me I’d feel slightly over dressed. To be honest it’s a constant fight inside my mind, seeing IG full of bloggers and sales being advertised on brands that typically weren’t as affordable the temptation is real. So my strategy has been to limit the content I intake on social media advertising fashion (there’s sections on FB and IG where you can opt of seeing ads from brands that you find tempting to look at) & to have balance. I’m not going to completely avoid the joy I get from shopping for clothes but I am going to come up with a game plan by limiting myself to 5 things for both the fall and winter season and purchase them only when they go on sale. Below are the 5 trends I’ve seen and the shops I’m eyeing them at. Also for the remainder of the year I’ll only be shopping during Labor Day and Black Fridays sales as I feel these will be the times I’ll able to get the best deals on the below items.

  1. Cardigan + Tank Matching Sets
  2. Polo Style Everything
  3. Colorful Ribbed Tanks for Layering
  4. Puff Sleeve Garden Dresses for Fall
  5. Black Jeans

I think the key is treat yourself to a few items that bring you joy but to stay strong and limit the purchases you make. Make a list before hand and stick to only getting those items. Don’t casually browse shopping websites, but only go on when you know the items you’ve identified will have a deal. Good luck: )

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com

What are People Talking About?#1

I thought I’d start a biweekly post where I would highlight things that people have currently been talking about. There’s so much information out there that it’s hard to filter out what is relevant or worth paying attention to. So I thought I’d focus on a range of topics from food to books that I’ve seen trending. Also this is to make it easier so that you’re not that person who hops on a zoom call with your friends and is confused about the topics everyone is discussing, cause hey we’ve all been there at some point or another (and it’s not a fun place to be)!!

  1. Indian Matchmaking on Netflix – Definitely has some cringe moments…
  2. Reel on Instagram – IG’s version of TickTok
  3. Twilight Series: Midnight Sun – Edward’s perspective of the series
  4. @soyouwanttotalkabout – Amazing IG account breaking down social topics so you can stay informed on topics affecting everyone
  5. Mighty Patch – A way to pop pimples minus the pain and scars
  6. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Looking to get the barefoot dreams socks!! Open to all on August 19th.
  7. the term “STAN” – So in my defense I knew what STAN meant but I could never figure out if it was an abbreviation for anything. Just to save you all the research STAN gained popularity after being mentioned in an Eminem song and it’s essentially saying you’re a fan of something.
  8. These affordable Birkenstock sandals- I feel like everyone’s been talking about these sandals because they are super comfortable and relatively affordable! My younger self would find it very ironic that now I love Birkenstock because way back when I thought they were the ugliest of all shoes!
  9. Folklore by Taylor Swift – Very indie vibe! My favorite song is seven! There have been so many theories on where she drew inspiration for this album and I have to say these theories are really interesting….
  10. Projection Alarm Clocks – I don’t know how I feel about this. On one end I’m thinking how lazy can you be not to spend one extra second glancing over at your clock. On the other hand I’m thinking how easy it’d be to glance at the time the second you wake up!
  11. Clear Masks/ Face Shields – Though mainly for the purpose of helping the hard of hearing, they also allow you to see the majority of someone’s face behind their mask!
Photo by Tatiana Syrikova on Pexels.com