Wearable Summer Trends/ Favorite Pieces

Whenever I see posts highlighting fashion trends of the season, I always see fun looks that appear great on whoever is modeling them, but I myself don’t necessarily feel comfortable venturing out in. If you feel confident in rocking the look, by all means go for it! Though for me personally, I feel the most confident incorporating trends in a way that fits my style, which has transitioned to be more on the minimalist end. This has been the case especially now, when typically the highlight of my day is either taking a walk around my neighborhood, dressing up for a zoom call or heading into the grocery store. So I’ve made a list of ways to subtly incorporate these trends so you can still feel fashionable, comfy and don’t feel overdressed when on a grocery run. For me, the perfect quarantine outfit is dressing up in something that I would have worn to a casual brunch with a friend, easy breezy but still cute. To be more specific, this a friend you’re already close with and aren’t trying to impress but still put in the effort for because you know you’ll want to get cute matching pics after. TMI?? Okay, here are the trends I’m incorporating into my daily wardrobe :

  1. The Material: Linen
    • Obsessed with button downs. Below are some great options:
    • An elevated/ summer form of sweatpants aka linen joggers
  2. The Color: Mustard Yellow -> I used to strongly dislike this color but now it’s grown on me and I’m obsessed. Currently this shade embodies the epitome of summer for me.
    • This smocked top from Amazon has a very flattering square neckline and the smocking detail is very on trend. Also, great price point.
  3. Key Trend: Puffed Sleeves
    • Obsessed with this print from H&M with puffed sleeves. Very Parisian vibe.
    • This is an A&F dress with puffed sleeves made out of linen, checking off three of my favorites on this list so it’s definitely a win win. Honestly, I think A&F has completely re-branded itself and has been coming up some all over amazing pieces, but they are still incredibly pricey in my opinion (my parents probably wished I came across this realization when I was in high school and was obsessed the brand). So the key is to shop when there’s a sale, which is typically during a long weekend/holiday weekend.
  4. Key Pieces: Dresses + Tanks/T-Shirts
    • My go to summer outfit has been these t-shirts and my Levi jeans or shorts. These shirts from Everlane go with everything and are SO comfortable.
    • Just ordered these tanks from Everlane , I wanted something sleeveless to wear when I’m going on those bike rides to air out the sweat (if you know what I mean). I think of these as a summer form of the t-shirt. I can’t wait to wear this tucked into jean shorts with a brown belt and some Birkenstocks. I ordered this tank in a burnt orange and pale pink shade .
    • This dress from Etsy looks so light weight, perfect for the summer weather and its in the my favorite color for the season, you guessed it. Mustard yellow!!
  5. Taking a Ride on the Wild Side: Nike Bodysuit
    • So this is definitely a fun piece for me in stepping outside my comfort zone. I love the easiness of the piece with the cut of it and fact that it’s a bodysuit. The color scheme is basically the epitome of a popsicle stick color palette incorporated into a summer clothing item. I bought this piece when it was on sale, tbh I wouldn’t pay full price for it though as I think it’s a bit overpriced.
  6. The Loose Jean: Not going to lie jeans are definitely not the most comfortable thing to rock but to be honest it’s one of those pieces that always makes me feel great and completes my outfit effortlessly. So what can be better than having a jean that is loose and comfortable, plus is in a style that makes you look good??!!A recent discovery of mine were the Levi’s 501. FYI, shockingly the place I’ve found it to be the cheapest is Macy’s. They go on sale from time to time (in the past 4 months I’ve seen it go on sale twice, every single time Levi’s also had a sale), ship for free and are typically always in stock for every size. The color selection isn’t the best on the site but they have a light wash and a darker wash. I linked the one I bought as I like my jeans to have a of a darker wash. I would recommend going down one size for this wash.
  7. The Jewelry : Hoop earrings. They go with everything, are a classic for years to come and add an extra touch to your outfit.
  8. The Footwear
    • Birkenstocks – When these came out, I literally thought they were the ugliest shoes of all time but I have since been converted. They’ve been my go to summer shoes for the last few years because they are durable, go with everything (do we see a trend here??!!), are very comfortable, easy to slip into and give you an added bit of height with the cushioning.
    • Reeboks : I know the Vejas are all the trend but I find that the Reeboks give the same exact look except for a fraction of the price. They are amazingly comfy and go with just about every outfit. I also love the look of the vintage cream color.

P.S. I know matching sweatsuits were huge and still are but frankly I’ve been limiting it to once a week cause it’s been way too hot to rock lately and yah they’re comfy but for me I just feel a little more back in with the norm when I dress up a bit. But I caved and here’s a compromise, my take on summer version of sweatsuit that’s a bit more put together.

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya on Pexels.com